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New Program Coordinator @ L.A.C.E.S.

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Welcome Kathy Chillie !

Pastor Kathy Chillie was born in Liberia and fled to the Ivory Coast in 1991 during Liberia’s 14 year civil war.

KathyChillie_webShe lived in a refugee camp for ten years, but when war came to Ivory Coast she went back to Liberia in 2001. Upon returning to Liberia, Kathy Chillie taught at a local school in Cotton Tree, and in 2007 she established her own school as she saw the overwhelming need of children whose families could not afford their child’s education. Kathy is passionate about children, especially young girls, and dreams of creating her own mission and training school. She has seen firsthand the way L.A.C.E.S. has transformed her community and the lives of children.