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Halloween Party for Refugees


On October 29th 2016, L.A.C.E.S. hosted a Halloween party for refugees. Over 175 people showed up to the Center for Educational Partnership in Riverdale, Maryland, where it was held. We had an amazing turnout of over 30 volunteers, who were all extremely eager to get involved and help with every aspect of the party. It would not have been a success without them.


Children poured in throughout the morning, and many brought along their parents, grandparents, and other family members. It truly ended up being a party for all ages! The kids had a blast with all the games we had set up, we had corn hole, pumpkin sweep, and balloon catch, just to name a few. Our wonderful volunteers also helped facilitate and execute face painting, pumpkin painting, popcorn making, and a photo booth with props that lead to some amazing pictures for the kids and their families.

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A nutritious snack table at the back provided fuel for the kids to stay active all morning long, especially when we ventured outside to play some soccer. Coaches from our soccer camp and other volunteers came out to lead games for the kids and get in on the action. At the end of the day when it was time to say goodbye, all the kids received a goody bag filled with snacks to go home with. We received plenty of positive feedback on the event with one dad saying,

“I wish there could be more events like this bringing so many people together from different cultures.”

There are not many opportunities for the refugees in our area to get together like this, and we couldn’t have been happier to make it possible. It was our true pleasure to give these families a time to relax and meet others in their community. We now look forward to having the kids participate in our upcoming winter indoor soccer league, spring basketball camp, and summer soccer camp, where they can make more friends, more memories, and stay active!