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Liberians facing their greatest threat since war

Letter from Seren Fryatt L.A.C.E.S. founder: The Realities of Ebola

Tears roll down my face as I write to you today. How do I clearly communicate the pain and suffering that is happening in Liberia, and the ability that you have to change that?

The World Health Organization published a report on Tuesday stating that “The disease is spreading particularly quickly in Liberia, more than 500 new cases were recorded in a week.” The organization warned that “it expects thousands of new cases in the country in the coming weeks.”

Until Ebola is defeated, the people of Liberia and their struggle to defeat Ebola burdens my heart daily. I know that you carry this burden with me. I know this because the outpouring of emails, text messages, phone calls, and prayers lets me know that you care and that you want to make sure the statistic that the WHO predicts will not come true. They are predicting that over 20,000 people will be infected with the virus before this outbreak is under control. Currently 3,000 people have been infected which means we have not even seen the worst.

This fight will not be won by treating the sick it will be won by preventing the other estimated 17,000 from becoming infected.  Men, women, children, and babies – no one is spared from this deadly virus. This virus does not pick and choose, it just goes from one person to the next. Which means the 500 children in our program and their families could become one of those 17,000. The good news is that they don’t have to be. They can be educated on how to protect their families and given simple tools such as a bucket and Clorox. When that happens their lives can be spared.

You can give them those tools. Our goal is to provide 500 families with these tools. All it costs is $25.00 for each household.

On average, the children in our program live in households of 5 people. When we reach our goal of 500 families, 2,500 people will be protected from Ebola. We can do this, but not alone. I am coming to each of you who have shown a heart for our children in some way over the last seven years.

Bring hope and the tools necessary to help 2,500 men, women, children, and babies protect themselves from Ebola. Give $25 today. Give $50 today. Give $500 today, Give $1,000 today. Give, what YOU can today to fight for our kids!

Help us STAND behind families and fight Ebola in Liberia

With Deepest Gratitude,