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COVID-19 Update

What does a sports organization do when COVID-19 hits? It Adapts… Food, Mentorship and a Radio Ad This spring when COVID-19 started impacting people around

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Esther is Growing with Purpose

Esther’s Journey to Finding Purpose Esther is a 12-year-old girl born and raised in Liberia. Throughout her life, she has had to face the devastating

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Hope for Tracy

A Story of Hope… Over the past several posts we have been reflecting on the stories and accounts of the kids currently enrolled in our

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Hope for Samson

Week 3 and Going Strong! Today is week three of our “It’s More Than A Game… It’s Hope” campaign and our entire organization is truly

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Encouragement in Resettlement

Encouragement In Resettlement Around the world today, people are being forced to flee their homes due to numerous threats of danger. War, political unrest, and

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One Lesson at a Time

One Lesson at a Time… When asked to spell her name, she got flustered and looked down at the dirt defeated. While already 10 years

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