L.A.C.E.S. Celebrates its Ten-Year Anniversary

A message from our founder

On March 4th, L.A.C.E.S. celebrated ten years of impacting the lives of children worldwide with a celebration in Chicago. It was an amazing evening filled with a panel discussion that included myself and one of our founding staff members from Liberia, James Moore. Gathered in the room were many people who started this journey with us ten years ago, as well as others who were making their first commitment to the mission of L.A.C.E.S.

If you would have told me ten years ago that we would be impacting the lives of hundreds of children everyday, I would never have believed you—it would have seemed an unreachable dream. But I believed then and believe now in our collective and individual capacity to care for the wellbeing of children across oceans and in our own back yard. I believe in our desire to fight for the rights for children and provide them with opportunities to be our future leaders. I fiercely believe we want to give and share our resources, and we have seen that come true over the last ten years. God put an idea and passion on my heart ten years ago, and because of your support we have seen child soldiers become children again, Ebola orphans destigmatized and welcomed back into the social fabric of their community, street children come off the street and safely home and into school.  To add to this,  in the last year we have also seen the healing power of sports in our own back yard, helping traumatized refugee children in the U.S.

As the world is celebrating International Day of Sport for Development and Peace today, L.A.C.E.S. is proud to be leading this movement of leveraging the power of sport to mentor at-risk children. I feel lucky to have been a small part of so many of our children’s stories. Your stories over the past decade have comingled with those of our children, and hopefully will be an even greater part in the coming year.

Thank you for being part of team L.A.C.E.S.


Seren Fryatt
Founder of L.A.C.E.S.